Monday, September 26, 2016

Silhouette Sunset

I have done this project in the past but I have decided to change it up a little bit this year. This lesson is a great way to introduce concepts such as negative space and primary and secondary colors. These are some pictures of the students painting the background or negative space with primary color to make secondary colors.

Each child had their silhouette drawn on a black piece of paper. they cut out their silhouette leaving them with their head and an organic shape that roughly resembled a tree. hidden in the trunk if the tree is also their silhouette. They painted the tree with different values of brown to make it look like the trunk and branches of a tree.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Wax Museum

In collaboration with the second grade teachers, the students have been working on a history and art project. Each student researcher a historical figure in their class and then used that information to make an art piece about that person. In art we learned about perspective techniques that artist use to make things look 3D. To show these techniques, we actually made the piece 3D to exaggerate the perspective techniques.

Abraham Lincoln

Monday, February 29, 2016

OCAF YAM Show 2016

Friday the 26th of February was the opening of the Oconee County Cultural Arts Foundation's Youth Art Month show.  It was a great reception, and the kids were all really excited to see their art on display.
Here are some proud students with their work.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Kindergarten overlapping shapes

The kindergarten took inspiration from the artist Abdulmari Imao beautiful ocean scenes with overlapping shapes. 

After drawing the seaweed and fish step by step the students added colors with plasti-pastels. Finally they made a wax resist with water colors on top of their drawing.

Self Portraits in Tints and Shades

The second grade has been learning about self portraits, tint, and shades of color. They began by learning how to draw a self portrait in profile.

Once the sketch was finished they made a value scale to learn how to make colors lighter and darker.

They were able to take what they learned about tints and shades and apply that to their self portrait.

Next the students made ice cream cones with ice cream that is painted in tints of one color. 

Finally the students put everything together.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Dot Day Art


This was a really fun lesson! Kindergarten students began by reading The Dot byPeter H. Reynolds. Next the students learned about expressive lines. We listened to music and drew lines according to how the music made us feel. They could either draw lines that meant happy, sad, excited, or calm.  
 After drawing the lines the students learned about primary and secondary colors. With watercolor paints they could experiment with making secondary colors with the primary colors. All of these turned out beautiful!                                                

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

2nd Family Portraits

The second grade students have been working hard on their family portraits. This project will be their Square 1 fundraiser art this school year. I have used Square 1 Art as a fundraiser for 5 years and it has been a very successful way to raise money for OCPS.
Before we began drawing we reviewed lines, shapes, and discussed how to use overlapping shapes to make people look like they are standing close together. The students drew the head ovals first and then added the bodies of the people starting with the person closest to the front (bottom) of the paper.

Today the students began going over their lines with fine point sharpie. Next week they can begin coloring their families in with multicultural markers.

Students were encouraged to add details that highlight the interest or personalities of their family. This student added a small doll that his brother takes everywhere. 

Today the students outlined in sharpie and began coloring their family portraits.

 Next class the students will finish coloring and begin drawing their house on a separate piece of paper.